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Rent a car at the airport of Tbilisi, Novo Alexeyevka from Naniko

Being the capital of Georgia, Tbilisi city that has something to offer to every traveler - the enthusiast who wants to explore this part of the world and enjoy the magnificent moments.
Tbilisi Airport is a huge area with countless ATM, CIP lounge, free Wi-Fi, numerous retailers’ of cellular cards and exciting gift shops.
The zone around the airport Novo Alexeyevka - a place where you can enjoy pleasant moments, stages for a variety of attractions.

And accompanying pleasant moments of all this is the most convenient car rental from Naniko at the airport in Tbilisi.

Moreover of many benefits we emphasize one thing:

All our prices of offers include the cost of insurance, namely:

  • Third party liability, Limitation of Liability for damage and theft insurance.

For further specifications about the rest, you can read in the conditions of lease.

Booking car with us is very comfy. Simply fill out the request module, select a car that you liked and book it. Today, right now!

Tbilisi - Novo Alexeyevka

Tbilisi International Airport - the central and most important airport in Georgia.
The airport is placed about 17 km east of Tbilisi; with the city it connected by George Bush’s avenue.
Between the airport and the city center of Tbilisi there is a regular bus service number 37, in addition, functions the train line arriving to the central station in Tbilisi.
Of course, you can hire a taxi and also the most economical means - is to hire a car.
A parking lot of about 1,000 vehicles is should be paid.

Currently, there operate a variety of international airlines with regular flights to Kiev Boryspil, Riga, Israel in Tel Aviv, Baku, London-Heathrow, to Prague, in Donetsk, Dnipropetrovsk and many other cities in Europe and Asia.

  • Direct Flights close range: -279 km Batumi, Baku - 448 km, Aktau -558 km, SCA and others.


  • The most distant direct flights to destinations of Amsterdam - Schiphol and Munich - Franz Josef Strauss.
  • Distance between Tbilisi and London - 3575 km and a flight time of 5:06 hours, which may alter in accordance with weather or air itinerary.


Good luck with the rent a car from Naniko at Tbilisi airport to meet a lovely stay.

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