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Car hire from Naniko - in the airport of Sarajevo

If you are projecting a voyage to Sarajevo and arrive at the international airport of Butmir, logical way for the sequel of your journey can be an auto rental.

This decision comes to the most tourists and service in high demand. Therefore recommended to organize everything in advance.

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Rent a car in Sarajevo - from car hire company Naniko

You are planning a fun trip to Sarajevo, but is only a paucity days to enjoy with fullness the beauties of metropolis?

For doing everything in time and visit the Bosnian capital of Sarajevo is easy achievable by using the car rental service from Naniko, in term to create your own route to catch Read More..

Car hire from Naniko - in Bosnia and Herzegovina

This wonderful country is not such a popular tourism destination yet, but in this case, you can list at least ten reasons to make this trip and see the new and unknown.

The main thing is organize your trip and provide yourself by the most comfortable and suitable conditions, one of which is sure Read More..