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Rent a car at the airport in Tirana - from Naniko

Tirana is quite overpopulated city and infantry public transport system is adjusted, as in all populous cities, its use is fraught with tension and as a result of fatigue. But who wants to, being on vacation, in anticipation of interesting excursions, tired of waiting for the bus?

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Car rental - at the best prices from Naniko – in Tirana, Albania

The ancient city of Tirana, some archaeological finds which can be seen in many spaces, including the Palace of Pioneers - now the residence of the family Zogu, prevailed in Albania from 1924 to 1939.

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Rent a car in Albania from Naniko

Albania is a country that is experiencing a complete rebirth after a period of decline, is full of interesting archaeological sites, breathtaking scenery, vibrant cities and natural parks.

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