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Additional devices

Additional devices or accessories especially for you provides comfort and play an important role in the period of driving.
The company Naniko takes care about their customers and offers a wide range of accessories.
When renting a car from our company you can order any accessory for your needs.
If you book in the online mode, the vehicle, in the application form of reservation you will select the desired accessory. If you forgot to choose an additional device it is not a problem make it after the reservation. You can contact our operator by phone or by e-mail and inform your desire about the accessory.
Our representative will deliver you additional amenities in the time of car pick up.
Rent a car with an optional accessories for everyone!
We have the following additional devices:

GPS Navigator

This invention will help you move on unfamiliar roads. With the navigator you will no longer be scared to get lost in an unfamiliar area. You will get the correct address, step by step.

Roof basket

You are going to go for a trip and you will have a lot of luggage? If you take a car from Naniko, it is no longer a difficulty. We have for you the most comfortable luggage basket and you can take into a trip to the maximum number of things

Child seats

The child seats are the safety of your child. Create a comfortable ride to your baby and provide security.

Bicycle holders

For cyclists: do you want to organize, bicycle tour? Book a car with bicycle holders.
Here you can also find: MP3 player, MP3 adapters, and snow chains.
Book a car with the desired accessories and start on a trip with full amenities.